The beginning

A cold evening in january 1989 My family and I went to Motala to look at an Shetlandspony. But insted we found a Welsh sektion B mare Moonlight II RW 773. She was born-86 and by Wärnanäs Ullrik RW 63 and out of Opera RW 653.  Moonie were quite wild at the beginning and sometimes she walk on her hindlegs. But I have hered that the wildest young fillis will be the best mares. And Monie became to be a really nice and gentle mare. Moonie were my beginning to a successful breeding.

If you have started with welshpony breeding you will never need another horse. 1995 we sold our last ridehorse and bought a Welsh Cob mare Shiny born-91 by Cippyn Red Repeater RWD 2 out of Lyckås Aurora

1997 We bought my foundation mare Cottrell Wild Rose RW 1009 from my friend Ylva Simberg stud.

1999 We bought Calerux Celebration RWD 59
by Calerux Magic and out of Cathedine Jubilee Queen from Fjordglimts stud DK. She have produced some really good offspring here in Sweden.

2002 We bought Rotherdale Lady Laura RWD 94 By Rotherdale Glyndwr out of Tydfil Magic Princess from Aberlour stud DK. She is a really nice and calm mare and have left me really good offsprings.

2003 Was a really successful year and we was graded to the Welshpony breeder of the year here in Sweden!

Särkens Lady Emmely born-06 by Derwen MR T out of Rotherdale Lady Laura